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Welcome to TrimUpSlimDown!

I’m so glad you found my site. The purpose of TrimUpSlimDown is to help you find the right way to lose your extra weight, and to get the healthy lifestyle and the body you’ve been wanting. Whether your weight is up-and-down, or you’re consistently higher than you want to be, I want to provide you with the information and inspiration you need to live the healthy lifestyle and reap all of its benefits.

In 2013, you’ve got more options than ever before. However, I’m going to plead with you to stay away from get-skinny-quick plans, unsafe chemicals and pills, and yo-yo dieting. Instead, focus on eating healthier and getting enough exercise – as well as developing good habits like getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water. Start big, or start small – but get started. As we start the new year, make a commitment to yourself to lose the extra weight and gain self-confidence, energy, and health.

Dieting is a great way to lose weight, but you need to do it safely and in moderation in order to avoid health problems or the yo-yo effect. We’ve gathered information on the best diet programs, as well as tips for dieters who use a program or are going it on their own. Do you have a large budget for prepared meals but less time for planning? Try a food delivery diet program such as Nutrisystem or BistroMD. Or, if you’re more of a DIY-er, have a limited budget, or simply enjoy planning and preparing meals, programs like Weight Watchers and South Beach Diet are right up your alley.

A healthy diet is the basis for any weight loss, but diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. A good exercise program, consisting of aerobic activities and weight or resistance training, makes your diet work harder for you. Exercise also helps define your body and give it a better shape rather than just “skinny”.

How to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is one of the most stubborn kinds of fat to lose. Many of us are born with a tendency to put on fat around our midsection, while for others it develops later due to age or after pregnancy. As this is something I deal with a lot, especially after having kids, I’m working to provide lots of information about losing belly fat and regaining your waist.

The combination of diet and exercise is never more evident than when you need to reduce belly fat. The saying is “Abs are made in the gym but revealed in the kitchen.” In other words, you won’t lose belly fat just by doing crunches. Cardiovascular activities (running, biking, walking, swimming) and healthy eating are what you need to lose belly fat. Crunches, sit-ups, and other abdominal work help define abdominal muscles. Use both approaches for the best results if you want to trim your waist.

2013 is Your Year!

I can feel it. I’m on a journey with you – 40 lbs down but another 20 to go. And that was before the holiday season (um, make that cookie season!) that lasted from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Eve. Let’s do this together. Let’s get healthy, get hot, get trim, and get excited. I know you can do it.

I want to interact with you. Leave a comment on posts that you like (or hate!), and like TrimUpSlimDown on Facebook too so we can talk there. Do you have a success story you want to share with the world? Send me your story – where you started, how you succeeded, and tips for others who’re facing the same challenges. Questions? I can provide answers, or find experts who can help if it’s beyond my knowledge.

Here’s to you!

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